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We’ve Loved Every Minute of Our Journey!

A trusted mortgage broker company, Intrepid Lending Solutions, Inc in North Palm Beach, Florida, has years of combined experience
in loan origination and processing. 

An Idea Is Born

With over 30 years of combined loan origination and processing experience, our founding members had the bold idea to incorporate Intrepid Lending Solutions, Inc in North Palm Beach, Florida. This organization was founded on the basic core belief of "Empowering Homeownership." Our track record is to close loans in less than 15 days. 

Our Team

Nashika Jackson-Ogilvie, 

NMLS# 1527813

Nashika Jackson-Ogilvie has been on the board of a local home ownership organization for 14 years. For six of those years, the organization operated as a not-for-profit mortgage broker company.

Loan Originators

Our loan originators have been originating loans for a number of years and are from varied backgrounds and experience levels.

Mohan L. Lalwani,
NMLS# 349913

Paul L. Donohue, NMLS# 143261 

(Loan Officer)

Kyle Frank, NMLS# 2213672 (Loan Officer) 

Kyle is a Loan Originator and ready to serve all of Florida. 


Cassie Clark-O'Neal

(Senior Loan Processor/Manager

Cassie Clark-O'Neal has over 36 years of experience in the mortgage broker industry, including loan origination and loan processing. She also has over 17 years of experience preparing individuals to qualify for various first-time homebuyers’ programs.

Our Memorable Customers

  • A divorcee, who have been through bankruptcy and foreclosure, and wants to once again own a home

  • A general contractor wanting to purchase her dream home

  • A group of physicians wanting to purchase an assisted living facility

  • A homeowner who wants to purchase investment properties

  • A married couple refinancing their home to take cash in hand in order to start a business

  • A married nurse wanting to experience the American dream

  • A married school office staff who wants to stop renting 

  • A newly married couple looking for their first home together

  • A pastor who wants to finance a church building

  • A retired grandmother wanting to refinance for a fixed interest rate

  • A senior citizen wanting to do a reverse mortgage

  • A single father wanting to provide for his son the American dream of home ownership

  • A single mother in college who wants to benefit from a first-time homebuyers’ grant

  • A young college graduate who wants to become a homeowner

  • The list goes on and on...

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